Mobistealth Review – Does Mobistealth Work or is it a SCAM?


The truth will set you free as they say and probably the latest innovation in finding the truth behind all your doubts is to use a spying tool. Latest technologies in covertly monitoring your spouse, kids or employees have gone personal and this technology will catch anyone red –handed faster than any kind of gadget or tool; this is Mobistealth. Mobistealth is a mobile stealth service that will secretly spy on target phones. This service has grown in popularity online and many have found it very effective in acquiring valuable information; but even with this growing popularity, many still doubt that this is nothing more than a Mobistealth scam. This Mobistealth review will find out the truth behind this popular spying technology and to settle once and for all if this service is worth to try or not.

Mobistealth Overview

Mobistealth Review Mobistealth is a cell phone spy program, which can be used to secretly monitor, track, and spy on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Symbian mobile phone devices. The way Mobistealth works, is that once the software is downloaded and set up, Mobistealth will become undetectable and immediately begin to secretly record a variety of cell phone activity (call logs, SMS messages, GPS locations), and then silently uploads all the logs to your online account.

Mobistealth Features

Mobistealth is available in 3 convenient plans. The Lite Spy Plan, the Pro Spy Plan and the Pro X Spy Plan. The Lite Spy Plan has these features:

  1. GPS location tracking – you can immediately determine where the target phone is by using powerful GPS location. A user will be provided with an exclusive user’s account where all known GPS location may be stored and viewed anytime.
  2. Call History – you can easily view call times, call duration and the number or party being called. The user account will also display and store all call information to be conveniently accessed anytime.
  3. Text Message Logging – just like call times, you can also find out who the target phone texts, the time the message is sent and even the message details. Everything will be stored in your user account for review and to serve as evidence.
  4. Contacts Access – you will also be able to see all contact details of the target phone and all the other important details that the target has added to the contact like their full name, aliases, address, email address and many more.
  5. Calendars and Appointments – you will also be able to access the target phone’s appointments page and the calendar where important details of meetings, meet-ups and other juicy information that you need to prove your doubts. ‘
  6. Reverse Mobile Number Look-up – this is a new feature that allows you to find out information about an unknown number. Mobistealth will find the owner of any landline or mobile number in an instant, even non published numbers can be retrieved. You will receive the name and the address of the number you are trying to find.

The Mobistealth Pro Spy has all the features of the Lite package plus these:

  1. Email History – you can immediately determine email messages sent and received by the target phone. All the details of the email are also seen like the time, date and the name of the recipient.
  2. Audio Spying – you can transform an ordinary smart phone into a bug and listen to all conversations as far as 30 feet from the phone.
  3. Photo Spying – you can also spy on images taken by the target phone. Images may be viewed from your user site so you can print or use the pictures to your advantage.
  4. Messenger Spying – if the target phone is a BlackBerry, you can easily spy on messenger conversations made through the phone’s BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

The Pro X Spy Plan has all the features of its predecessors as well as these:

  1. Call Recording – you will be able to listen and record all conversations received and made through the target phone.
  2. Video Spying – not only images but video saved from the target phone can be viewed with the use of the user’s account.

Mobistealth Installation

Mobistealth must be installed on the target phone before this service could work. The target phone must also be a smart phone or a PDA; this service will never work on analog phones or non smart phones. To verify your target phone is compatible with MobiStealth, Please check out MobiStealth supported devices page at

Initially, users are asked to sign up to Mobistealth and to choose the appropriate pricing plan that they need. Payment for the purchased plan is processed and after a few minutes, the user will be asked to set up their own user account.

After setting up an account, you will be able to download the software and install to a target phone. Remember that different states and different countries have different rules about spying and installing covert software from other person’s phones. Never attempt to do this unless you ask permission; family members’ phones may be installed with this spying software for their own security and safety.

Here are some screenshots of mobistealth:

SMS Message Logging GPS Tracking Email Logging View Call Logs
Click on image to view larger size

Stealth Club – Easy access to information

Probably the most important feature of the Mobistealth spying software is the user’s account (Stealth Club) where you can get all the first hand information on everything that the software does. This becomes your access point to all important information and the site where you can safely store information as well like call, text, email, video, location and contacts information. You may access this anywhere from your laptop, tablet or from any computer station where there is Internet connectivity.

Easy and secret set up with Mobistealth

Your target will never know that you have installed Mobistealth from their PDA or smart phone. Their device will never create a signal, will never hang or will never create interference when Mobistealth is installed. You can listen in and get all important information without worrying about getting caught.

The Pros and Cons of Mobistealth

The pros of Mobistealth mobile spying software:

  • Easy to install and the target will never know that there is Mobistealth in their phones at all.
  • Couples can have total peace of mind knowing the truth behind doubts of infidelity in an instant.
  • Parents will be at ease when they are able to know the whereabouts of their kids using this mobile spying software.
  • Employers can use Mobistealth in checking for their employees through a company issued phone. There will be better employee performance and better productivity when you know what your employees are doing behind your back.
  • Cheating spouses will be easily caught and confronted. There will finally be closure of infidelity issues so parents can go back to taking care of their families and their careers.

The cons of Mobistealth mobile spying software

  • The software is definitely easy to use but it will never work on all kinds of phone. Mobile phone users are getting wiser these days and some choose to use basic analog phones or non smart phones for devious plans to avoid being spied on.
  • Although this software is very promising as mentioned in so many Mobistealth reviews, you need to successfully install it to the target phone which could be very hard to do. Cheaters are usually keen on their phones keeping them close all the time, what are the chances you can get hold of it to install Mobistealth?

Mobistealth Review – Conclusion

Mobistealth Software

MobiStealth is by far the most advanced cell phone spy software on the market today. Definitely there are no Mobistealth scams with so many satisfied customers online. This software will definitely put an end to cheating doubts and prove your loved ones innocent or guilty. Stop worrying, start making smart moves and use Mobistealth to find the truth about everything. After all, the truth will indeed set you free!

For more information or to purchase Mobistealth mobile phone spy software, visit:

  4 Responses to “Mobistealth Review – Does Mobistealth Work or is it a SCAM?”

  1. I was wondering what payment plans are available. Is it only credit card? I was wondering this because the target phone i wish to install this program also manages the credit card bills.If this came up she would know that it was installed. is paypal an option?

    • Unfortunately, does not accept PayPal as a payment method. accepts credit cards, local bank transfer, moneybookers and wire transfer. You can pay via phone, fax or mail.

  2. This software in my experience is not worth the cost. I have not gotten all the features to work. Call recording does not work, gps location is not accurate or working most of the time. Browsing history and appointments never work. SMS, call logs, and picture features are the most reliable, but you can get phone sheriff for $49.99 a year and get these features flawlessly and at real time, where mobistealth has a delay of an hour sometimes. I got mobistealth for the call recording and surround features and have been very disappointed and they will not get another dime from me, so I hope that they were happy with my $199.99 because they will not get another dime from me.

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